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Wassdat 1.01


Wassdat (What's that?) is a new type of utility that enables you to search for internet-based information quickly and easily from your Palm OS device. It is primarily useful to devices such as the Treo 600 and Tungsten|C that have a dedicated wireless link available at any time. However it will work equally as well on devices that use other types of connectivity such as Bluetooth to a LAN-access point, or a Bluetooth-enabled phone.

There are a number of rolex replica in which you can use Wassdat, and they are as follows:
1) Select some existing text on your device and invoke the Wassdat menu (through either the Auto menu option, or a key press), then select which site you want to search
2) Use the Create Site Icon option is Wassdat to create a new Launcher icon which when tapped will allow you to enter a search term and select the desired site to search
3) Use the Augment System Find option - which hublot replica uk the standard Palm OS Find dialog with a version that contains a popup list of sites. You can still access the normal Find operation by simply tapping the Local Find button.
4) Finally, use the Command Bar option to access the rolex replica uk Find facility - handy if you don't want to replace the system Find option
5) Use the included Findat application to invoke the augmented Find facility - this application is provided so you can assign a hard button to this app, or alternatively use a third-party launcher such as TealLaunch etc.

However you choose to use Wassdat (and it's totally up to you, including rolex replica multiple options), it's operation is basically the same. Wassdat takes a piece of text and passes it through to a web site, with the results being displayed in your browser of choice (check the Activation screen for the full list). The list of sites that Wasdat provides by default is simply a replica watches uk point - you are free to add your own at any time. It's probably worthwhile reading the supplied tutorial on creating Wassdat sites.

ReviewFrom customer Geir ěyvind VŠlidalo - "This program is excellent! I instantly loved it, and instantly bought it."

Download Wassdat 1.01 (via Palmsource Installer)
Price: US$7.95

Clip PRO 2.1.1


Clip PRO is an OS 5 extension that remedies a number of problems with the standard Palm OS clipboard. It increases the amount of text you can copy from 1KB up to 64KB, and allows you to keep up to 14 clipboards active at any one time!

Clip PRO also comes with an extensive set of tools that allow you to perform useful text manipulations such as various changing case options, reversing order, stripping spaces among others.

Read this review of Clip PRO 2.0 on!!

Why not check out the Clip PRO Desktop Component too!

Download Clip PRO today!

Price: US$12.95

Clip PRO Desktop Component 1.0


The Clip PRO Desktop Component (CDC) allows you to exchange clipboard information between your PC and your handheld device. The CDC operates as a standard Palm conduit, and also as a Windows System Tray item. The conduit handles the trasfer of data between PC and handheld, whilst the System Tray item handles user interactions.

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Price: US$9.95

AppLock 1.02


AppLock takes your data security to a new level - letting you specify which applications are to be protected on your device. This means that applications that by default don't provide access control can be seamlessly protected by AppLock! Try it today!

Price: US$14.95

Wassup 1.4.4


Wassup lets you quickly see what you are faced with for the current day. You can see how many appointments you have, how many to-do items you must attend to and how many emails are left to read and send. you can also see actual descriptions for appointments and to-do items in a simple list format. Works with the major scheduling and email applications (Datebook DateBk, ActionNames, Mail, MultiMail, Eudora, Mail+, Treo Mail, Clie Mail, Iambic Mail, Mark/Space Mail, VersaMail, SnapperMail, BaseJet, Electric Pocket). Displays the number of relevent records, launches the currect app when you tap and where possible displays the correct record. Can be set to automatically launch when you turn your Palm on (after a defined period of inactivity if you like), and to be launched when you press the Datebook button.
The latest version also includes SMS functionality - integrating with Palm's SMS application, Monkey Messenger, Mark/Space's PageNOW, funSMS and Treo 600 support!!

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Checkout some of the available skins for Wassup

Price: US$11.95

SlideFree 1.4.2


Winner of "Best New Concept" at the 2003 PalmGear Consumer's Choice Awards!

Never open your Tungsten|T slider again! SlideFree gives you access to all the icons on the silkscreen via a commandbar icon! Also provides a shortcut to enabling Bluetooth on your device via a direct link to BtToggle from

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Price: US$9.95

Obfuscate 1.0


Obfuscate lets you quickly and easily hide ROM-based applications from your Launcher!

It's FREE, but a PayPal donation would be greatly appreciated!

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BestBuy 1.01


BestBuy allows you to quickly determine which product is the cheapest on a "per unit" basis. For example if a 500g bag of coffee beans cost $5.75, and a 750g bag of the same coffee beans cost $7.50 which one is the better buy?

It's FREE!

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Sleuth allows you to access the "Find" command via the standard command bar - this is particularly handy if you mostly use the T|T in its closed position. This being the case you'll likely use something like GraffitiAnywhere - so once you install Sleuth you'll be able to do those Finds without opening the slider.

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StarLaunch allows you to access the Favourite application button (the Star button which is mapped to the Calculator as default) via the standard command bar - this is particularly handy if you mostly use the T|T in its closed position. This being the case you'll likely use something like GraffitiAnywhere - so once you install StarLaunch you'll be able to access your favourite application without opening the slider.

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McDonald's Store Locator


If you live in Australia and need to quickly determine where you'll get your next Mac Attack from why not use the McDonald's store locator?

Story from Sydney newspaper

Teach Yourself Palm Programming In 24 Hours


STY Palm Programming In 24 Hours If you're after Gavin Maxwell's book, Teach Yourself Palm Programming In 24 Hours, you can purchase it from by clicking on the image to the left. Australian customers may wish to order it locally from Dymocks. For your reference the ISBN is 0672316110.

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