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Ed Spencer from Texas, USA Honestly, I must say that you have provided the best support that I have ever received...especially remarkable for a $5 piece of software. I am a technical support manager for one of the largest banks in the U.S. and your responses will become an example for my staff on how to provide excellent customer service.
Clark Ackerman from Washington DC, USA First of all, I LOVE this little thing! Thanks... I have it set to launch on power up and it gives me a great overview of my day.
Doug Forrester from VA, USA The new update to Wassup is AWESOME! Thanks for the great app.
pdassi.de, Germany Original German review
Babelfish translation to English
Babelfish translation to French
Michael Connick, USA Wow, talk about great service! Thank you, thank you!!!
Pascal Kreil, Germany It's really the most useful app on my Palm...
Galley, SC USA Dude, the changes you have made to Wassup (1.3) are awesome! It really should've been version 2.0, IMHO. Keep up the great work.
Ruben Santos Thanks for the great support. I truly appreciate your timely responses, as well as the timely updates. Wassup is amoung[sic] my favorite applications, and it is your excellent support which has caused it to remain so. Keep up the GREAT work!!! Thanks again!!!