26th May, 2002 Wassup 1.0 Released
31st May, 2002 McDonald's Store Locator Released
26th June, 2002 Interview with Gavin Maxwell appears in the Sydney Morning Herald and Melbourne Age newspapers.
12th July, 2002 Wassup 1.2 Released
1st August, 2002 Selected as Gadgeteer of the month
28th August, 2002 Just released, our range of Bluetooth hardware solutions
9th September, 2002 Wassup 1.3 released!
21st January, 2003 Clip PRO 1.0 released!
13th March, 2003 Wassup 1.4 released!
24th October, 2003 SlideFree wins "Best New Concept" award at the recent Consumer's Choice Awards! Thanks to everyone who voted for us!
17th February, 2004 SlideFree 1.4.2 released!
12th March, 2004 We now accept PayPal for all shareware sales!
3rd June, 2004 Wassup 1.4.3 released with Treo 600 support!
29th June, 2004 Wassup 1.4.4 released
5th August, 2004 Clip PRO 1.7 released
6th August, 2004 BestBuy 1.0 released
17th August, 2004 Clip PRO Desktop Component 1.0 released
10th September, 2004 Obfuscate 1.0 released
14th September, 2004 Pocket Science Rated as 5-star developer on
4th October, 2004 Clip PRO 2.0 released
25th November, 2004 Clip PRO 2.1 released
18th January, 2005 Fossil Wrist PDA (FX2008) store launched!
24th January, 2005 Wassup for Fossil updated