Network HotSync with POSE

These instructions assume you have a ROM image file and have correctly installed POSE. They also assume you have TCP/IP services installed on your PC.

  1. Right click in POSE and select "Properties".
  2. Ensure the "Redirect NetLib calls to host TCP/IP" checkbox is checked.
  3. Enter a "HotSync User Name" (such as "POSE"). Click "OK".
  4. Open HotSync in POSE
  5. Select "Modem Sync Prefs" from the HotSync "Options" menu (click lower left silk-screen button to access menu’s)
  6. Ensure the "Network" option is selected. Click "OK".
  7. Under the "Modem Sync" icon in HotSync will be displayed ‘Select service". Click this and select anything from "Service" popup. It doesn’t matter what you select here. Don’t worry about usernames or passwords either. Click "Done"
  8. Select "Primary PC Setup" from the HotSync "Options" menu.
  9. Enter as much info in this dialog as you know. If you don't know any of this simply enter "" (without quotes!) into the "Primary PC Address" field. Click "OK".
  10. Right click the HotSync icon in your PC’s system tray and ensure that the "Network" option is checked.

That should be about it. If you now open HotSync in POSE and click the "Modem HotSync" icon POSE should initiate a HotSync session with your PC. You’ll be asked to create a new Palm Desktop user. Click the "New" button and enter "POSE" as the user name.

To speed things up I've written a tiny C application that simply initiates a Modem HotSync. If you install this application (MHS.prc) and map one of POSE's hardware buttons to it you'll be able to initiate POSE Network HotSync's with one click.

If you are using a machine that doesn't have a permanent IP address (eg a single machine that maybe only gets one via DHCP when logging into an ISP) you may find that Network HotSync will try to resolve your real IP address (as opposed to and in doing so will open up the Network dialler. This won't interfere with the HotSync - its just a nuisance that you can simply ignore...

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